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Crafting the drink we believed the world was missing

Finding a really good soft drink used to be hard. Because when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, discerning palates have all but been forgotten.   For too long, we had to choose between the saccharin sweetness of a few regulars. We decided it was time to raise the bar.

Corrigans Non-Alcoholic Soft Drink-30.jpg
Corrigans Non-Alcoholic Soft Drink-44.jpg
Corrigans Non-Alcoholic Soft Drink-22.jpg

Having worked in the drinks trade for over 20 years, I knew my palate was good. So, my wife and I decided to craft the premium soft drink we believed the world was missing.

We started playing with different flavour combinations with the aim of creating a refreshingly different, all-natural soft drink that tastes like it is created for adults. 

Something new, something healthy, something with the complexity and depth of character you would expect in a fine wine, something we were proud enough to put our name on. 

And so, a new member of our family was born: Corrigan’s Original.

Cheers to that.

Est. 2020


Already, they are available on Amazon and via select outlets in the UK.

Winning admirers

Everyone who tries them, loves them. And wonders how they lived without.

Corrigan’s Original premium soft drinks came into this world in 2020.

Growing Fast

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